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Osteopathic and

Anthroposophic Medicine


Welcome to my practice.

I strive to offer a human-centered approach to medicine, using observation and palpatory skills as the the primary tools for diagnosis and treatment.

I use my hands to examine, diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of medical ailments, combining traditional osteopathy with nature-based homeopathic and herbal remedies and conventional medicine when needed.

Osteopathic and Anthroposophic Medicine understand that the body, mind, and spirit are interwoven throughout all stages of health and disease, and they address these aspects of the human being in treatment.

I believe in the patient’s indwelling Health as the primary source for diagnosis and treatment and use modern medical knowledge and an on-going study of nature to communicate and cooperate with Its laws.

It is a privilege to work with you.  May our efforts be of service.